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Drive Delta Ultra Light Full-Electric Bed

    • This model is typically assembled on the sales floor as demo.
    • Each purchase comes with a manufacturer warranty that is filed on your behalf by Forsyth Medical Supply. Technicians are on staff daily to assist with any future issues that may arise with your purchase, as well as complete hands-on repairs in the home if needed.
    • Local delivery and set up available within 1-3 business days.
    • Drive Medical’s Delta 1000 Ultra Light Hospital Bed is a sleek and lightweight electric bed with a folding design that makes it easy and convenient to assemble, store away, and transport whenever necessary.
    • This hospital bed is designed for patients who require bed rest or require additional mobility support, which is why it’s important to make this bed as convenient, safe, and easy as possible for the patient and the caretaker.
    • This frame is held up by four sturdy wheels that allow easy placement and transitions. These detachable wheels can be secured for stability and safety while the patient is in the bed.
    • Delta 1000 Hospital Bed by Drive Medical features a polished chestnut headboard and footboard. These components are made to be break-resistant and stretch-resistant, helping to maintain the brand-new look while keeping the patient safe at all times.
    • The bed weighs 160 pounds and is built with a channel frame construction, allowing an exceptional 450-pound weight capacity and overall sturdiness while maintaining a reduced frame weight.
    • The spring deck is coated with zinc for additional support and security. Each and every component of this hospital bed is made to provide maximum strength and durability while presenting a sleek design that naturally fits into any home.
    • The Delta 1000 has a built-in, self-contained motor that allows the user or caretaker to adjust the height even while the patient is in the bed. The UL-approved motor can be assembled without any tools and has a reduced noise for optimal patient comfort. This motor uses a 9-volt battery that serves as a back-up in the event of a power outage, providing up to 9 head and foot adjustments. This motor is guided by the simple and user-friendly hand pendant that has large, easy-to-read controls.
    • In addition to raising the head and foot sections, the hand pendant allows the user to raise and lower the overall height of the bed. With a simple button layout and a highly versatile range, this hospital bed makes consistent positioning easy.
    • Two side rails are included with the purchase
    • Mattress is sold separately

    Don’t need to purchase? This model is also available to rent. (can we make the “rent” a link to the rental page)