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Drive Prime Care Bed 903

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  • This model is typically assembled on the sales floor as demo.
  • Each purchase comes with a manufacturer warranty that is filed on your behalf by Forsyth Medical Supply. Technicians are on staff daily to assist with any future issues that may arise with your purchase, as well as complete hands-on repairs in the home
    if needed.
  • Local delivery and set up typically available within 1-3 business days.

The Drive Medical Prime Care Bed P903 is a great choice for patients that want the ability to choose a larger mattress for a bigger sleep surface, the ability to sit in a “chair like position”, require a higher weight capacity, and much more.

Length, width, height, and position can all be changed smoothly and quickly depending on what the patient or caregiver needs. An electric hand pendant controls height and position. The bed has a synchronized hi/lo control system that otherwise keeps the bed level for patient comfort. Four 3-inch dual footprint casters make moving and steering easy.

  • Bed Is Safe to Roll at Any Height
  • Multiple Patient Positions Available
  • Color-Coded, Dual-Pedal Floor Lock System Keeps Bed in Place When Engaged
  • Manual, Tool-Free Width and Length Adjustments
  • Adjustable Wall Bumper Helps Protect Walls and Bed from Damage
  • Electronic Hand Pendant Easily Adjusts Head, Foot, and Overall Bed Height
  • Backlit Hand Pendant Is Easy to Use Even in the Dark
  • Three Electric Motors Make Bed Movements Smooth and Quiet
  • Supports Up to 600 Pounds to Accommodate Most Patients
  • No-Sag Slat Support Deck Keeps the Frame from Sagging in the Middle
  • Durable Welded Steel Frame Is Easy to Clean and Maintain
  • Under-Bed Nightlight Provides Extra Patient Comfort and Security at Night

Width and Length Adjustable- The Drive Medical Long-Term Care Bed has a sleep surface length that is adjustable from 76 inches to 80 or 84 inches to accommodate taller occupants. The sleep deck width is expandable from 36 to 39 or 42 inches while preserving the comfort and dignity of the patient.

Height-adjustable-The super low 7-inch height helps minimize falls. The 30-inch working height facilitates staff and caregiver functions.

Tools are not required to make any of these adjustments. Adjustments can be made with the 10-function electric hand pendant, which controls the height and positioning of the unit.

One pair of side rails are included in the purchase; however, an additional set can be added to lower end of the bed if needed.

The Drive Medical Prime Care Model P903 can be put into many positions for patient care and comfort, including:

  • Head elevation
  • Foot elevation
  • Cardiac comfort

The Prime Care Bed P903 is made of welded steel designed to take everyday abuse for long periods of time. It has a locking system that is color-coded for ease of use. The system keeps firmly in place when it is engaging and can easily be activated and deactivated with a foot press. The bed can be moved safely at any height, even as low as 7 inches. Steering control provides easy maneuverability. The heavy-duty frame comes with 3-inch casters to further ease movement. An adjustable wall bumper protects both the bed and the walls from damage.