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Graham Field Zennith 7200 Extended Care Bed

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  • Each purchase comes with a manufacturer warranty that is filed on your behalf by Forsyth Medical Supply. Technicians are on staff daily to assist with any future issues that may arise with your purchase, as well as complete hands-on repairs in the home if needed.
  • Local delivery and set up typically available within 1-3 business days.

Introducing the Zenith 7200 Hi-Low Hospital Bed, a certified transport device designed to excel in various healthcare settings. Engineered for safety and functionality, this bed boasts an array of features that prioritize patient comfort and infection control.

This model is a great choice for patients that want the ability to choose a larger mattress for a bigger sleep surface, the ability to sit in a “chair like position”, require a higher weight capacity, require Trendelenburg and reserve Trendelenburg positioning and want the ability for the care giver to easily control the bed with the staff control located on the outside of the footboard.

Proudly made in the USA, this bed offers 360° mobility for cleaning and maintenance, and it features tool-less assembly for convenience

  • The adjustable Wallsaver minimizes wall contact, while the patented Hi-Lo mechanism extends the life of the motors. Its sturdy, no-sag grid sleep surface with cross braces ensures durability and support.
  • The Advanced Positioning System (APS) includes a One-Button Comfort/Cardiac Chair Position, providing optimal comfort for patients. With straight-line Hi-Lo travel and patent-awarded design technology, Slide-W-I-D-E® models offer exceptional versatility. Mattress retainers and adjustable features accommodate multiple mattress lengths, ensuring a customized fit.
  • 'Plug & Play' Digital Electronics enable future feature additions, while industry-leading, energy-saving electronics reduce power consumption by up to 66% when idle. Sealed ball bearing joints ensure continuous, maintenance-free, silent operation.
  • The intuitive two-pedal locking system is centrally located and easily visible, providing secure positioning at all heights and widths.
  • Optional features include a patented design for quick adjustment, ideal for emergency evacuations, and an expandable/retractable deck that adjusts to 35, 39, or 42 inches with quick-release ball-detent pins.
  • Rails and assist devices are quick-release without tools, enhancing convenience for caregivers. Embedded staff control with safety-inspired two-stage lockouts enables caregivers to lock out features for resident safety.
  • The bed also offers advanced positioning options, USB power supply for device charging, and a multi-intensity setting underbed light for enhanced visibility and resident safety.
  • Adjustable Wallsaver minimizes wall contact
  • Patented Hi-Lo mechanism extends motor life
  • Sturdy grid sleep surface with cross braces for support
  • 360° mobility for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Mattress retainers and adjustable features accommodate multiple mattress lengths
  • Sealed ball bearing joints ensure maintenance-free, silent operation
  • Intuitive two-pedal locking system for secure positioning
  • Multi-intensity setting underbed light for resident safety
  • USB Power Supply for device charging