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Knee Scooters

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Knee Scooters & Medical Supplies Summerfield, NC

Knee Scooters & Other Mobility Accessories

Why struggle to get around on crutches when you can move about quickly with a knee scooter? Forsyth Medical Supply can provide knee scooters to customers who are recovering from an injury and need help getting around. Instead of hobbling along on crutches, scoot around quickly and conveniently with a knee scooter.

Knee scooters are easy to use and much more comfortable than using crutches. These scooters are designed specifically for those recovering from injuries to a foot, knee, or ankle. With a knee scooter, you can roll around without straining your injured extremity. A knee scooter shifts your weight away from your lower leg as you roll along.

Selecting The Right Knee Scooter

When you have an injured foot, it is essential to keep weight off it to heal correctly. Crutches can cause pain under your arms and can be a hassle; a knee scooter allows you to move around easily. Choosing the right knee scooter for you is essential to ensure you can move around comfortably. Below are a few things to consider when selecting your knee scooter.

  • Weight Capacity – Each scooter has a different weight capacity, so you must make sure the knee scooter can support your weight.
  • Height – You will want to ensure the knee scooter is adjustable so it can be positioned to your size so your knee can comfortably rest on the pad.
  • Turn Radius – When choosing a knee scooter, you often wouldn’t think to check how well it turns. Depending on what you need your scooter for, it may be important to make sure your knee scooter can make sharp turns to navigate tight spaces.
  • Where It Is Used – If you are planning on using your knee scooters outdoors, you will want to choose a scooter that can ride over grass, gravel, concrete, etc.
Choosing the proper knee scooter is essential to ensure you can move around comfortably. Trust our team at Forsyth Medical Supply to help select the right knee scooter for you. Give us a call today to learn more about our medical supplies. We offer services to Statesville, Mooresville, Mount Airy, Pilot Mountain, Oak Ridge, Summerfield, NC, and the surrounding areas.

Rely on Our Medical Supply Company to Get Around Easily

Forsyth Medical Supply can fit you for your knee scooter, making sure it will handle your weight and keep you fully comfortable. Your injured leg will be placed flat along the padding on the middle of the scooter while your healthy leg will remain upright and be used to push your scooter along. Knee scooters come with an adjustable seat and handlebars that also can be adjusted to your height for steering.

Learn all about these easy-to-use knee scooters from Forsyth Medical Supply. Our team can rent or sell you the scooter you need. We can deliver your knee scooter to you on a case-by-case basis. Call us today to ask for help.

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